• Answers to 2012 new IQ test

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  • Answers to 2012 news quiz:
    1. C, 2. A, 3. B, 4. C, 5. C, 6. C, 7. A, 8. B, 9. A, 10. C, 11. B, 12. B, 13. C, 14. A/c, B/a, C/b, 15. A, 16. A, 17. C, 18. A, 19. C, 20. B
    20 correct answers: Congratulations! You're a true year-round newshound. We love you.
    14-19 correct answers: Home delivery of the newspaper and subscription to recordonline.com really paid off this year, didn't it? We still love you.
    6-13 correct answers: A new year, a renewed chance to pay attention to the world around you: We like that attitude, and we still like you.
    1-5 correct answers: 37 days until pitchers and catchers, and not much to look forward to for the Mets and the Yankees? We might not approve of your lack of faith, but we always approve of you.
    0 correct answers: Well, there's more news next week. You've got great potential. We really love you. You're next week's candidate for Most Improved.
    Dennis Sprick
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